Derby Party Kicks Off Derby Month!

The Rubber Duck Derby takes place on May 17th.  The entire month of May preceding that will be a time we can work to adopt ducks and raise awareness for this fun event and the amazing cause it benefits, The Child Advocacy Centers of Rutherford and Cannon Counties.

May 3rd is the date of The Kentucky Derby.   We think it is a great time to kick off our own campaign, too!  If you love to dress up in Derby attire, May 3rd is your day, and there is a HAT CONTEST.   If you like to have fun and not get decked out in Derby attire, May 3rd is your day.   If you would like to taste your first Duck Julep, May 3rd is the day to mark your calendar and come out for some fun!

May 3rd is our kick off,  and we hope you will join us!

6th Annual Duck Derby Party

Saturday,  May 3rd

2:00 – The Horses Run

At Five Senses Restaurant

Buy tickets here

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Following The Bike…

The Duck Derby is an awesome event all on its own.  Add to that sponsors who bring in their own bit of fun, and you have a spectacular event, indeed!

We give several prizes, thanks to great sponsors, and this year we’ll have a “Last Duck Standing” award.  The prize…a custom bike from Smoopy’s Vintage Bicycles.  Want to watch the bike being built?  We have you covered!  Here is the link to the blog from Smoopy’s.  We’ll keep a link on our site so that you can easily refer to it, but come back often to see the progress being made.


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The Rubber Duck Derby…bigger than the bathtub!

The first thing I think of when I think of Rubber Ducks is the bathtub.  When my kids were little, a bath wouldn’t have been right without a cute, yellow duck swimming in the tub.  Of course, that’s the part of the point of the Rubber Duck Derby–to bring some happy to children.

The Rubber Duck Derby is a day of fun for kids, for families, for anyone who enjoys a really good cause.  “What’s the point?” you might ask.  “Another cause?  Great.”  Well, not so fast.

Maybe you had a childhood in a home where you knew you were loved, safe, protected from the dark things of the world.  I’m not talking about living in a home where you lived like royalty.  Life can be tough for a kid, and sometimes a child’s definition of tough is what many adults would smile about and say “You’ll be glad one day.”  But maybe the adults in your life thought you were safe, but instead you were visited by events that left you scared, sad, and in danger.  You would understand why the Child Advocacy Centers of Rutherford and Cannon Counties are so very important.  A friend recently shared an old document entitled “A Child’s Bill of Rights.”  Two of those rights really stood out to  me.  The first–  “The right to be secure in his or her community against all influences detrimental to proper and wholesome development.”  If that is a child’s right, then there are an awful lot of violators in our world.  In fact, in its first 13 years Child Advocacy Center saw 8,000 cases of child abuse investigated and prosecuted.

Part of the mission of the Child Advocacy Center is this:

The Child Advocacy Center is a nonprofit agency that serves victims of child abuse, child sexual abuse, and drug-endangered children…

If that Child’s Bill of Rights were being honored, there would be no victims of child abuse, child sexual abuse, or drug endangerment.

In order for the CAC to continue to help these children and families, it takes money.  The Rubber Duck Derby is a fun way to help raise money, and I think we all agree that kids need, perhaps deserve, to have a little fun.

The other right I found apropos:  “The right to live in a community in which adults practice the belief that the welfare of their children is of primary importance.”  Let’s honor that and show that we do believe the welfare of children is of PRIMARY importance.

I’m so proud to be a part of the Rubber Duck Derby, but even if I were just a regular person reading this I would want to encourage the effort to take care of children whose basic rights have been so cruelly violated.  Don’t you?

The Rubber Duck Derby will be at Sports Com on Saturday, May 17th.  Mark your calendars, follow us on Twitter  here , and follow us on Facebook here.

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And we’re moving on….

At the end of a great retreat, a person wants to reflect on that mountain-top experience.  It’s no different at the end of a big event.  I am incredibly reflective this afternoon.  The ducks were crated and carried off to the trucks in a matter of minutes.  Our new pond was the best decision we could have made.  It’s a little scary going in…but coming out, it’s a sure thing.

I’m just the writer.  I observe and post what I see and hear and think you need to know.  There are so many hard workers!  Today, I was so blown away by so many people.  Kristin Demos is a fundraising queen I would want on my team, whatever the game.  Kristan Roberts Iaccheri and her  husband John Iaccheri really did a phenomenal job with the Fun Fest part of the day.  Jessica from the Child Advocacy Center has worked so well with me–sending me new code when I needed it, but today she just outdid herself.  In the water, I watched Jason (I don’t actually know his last name) and Stacey Birket, and Peter Demos, and a young man I don’t know, and Kristin Demos with 5,000 ducks.  They raced 10 heats of ducks.  It’s not as easy as you might think.  I think about Coreen King and Michelle Shrader and all of their efforts before today and today with all of the volunteers.  I’m just amazed at how they pulled so many people together.  Beth Parker was everywhere….that’s a sign of a great volunteer.  Angel Davenport and Coreen’s daddy, Mr. Holden, both were sporting knee contraptions and didn’t miss a beat.  There were so many volunteers who worked to make this a great event.  Even our Chief of Police (who I didn’t recognize out of dress clothes), was actively involved in the duckiness of the day.  I am so impressed with the volunteer efforts in our community.

I can go on for a long time, but I’m hoping lots of you will pay tribute to the friends you know who volunteered.  I have missed lots of people!  The lifeguards and staff at SportsCom–amazing.  Bart Fite–couldn’t have been more accommodating!

A side note, I can’t wait for Peter D’s to open.  They provided a taste of some amazing food today.  Thank you, and Happy Birthday, Peter D.

Sports Com was the new pond for the ducks.  It was the best move!  Wait until you see all of the pictures of the happy kids—and that’s pretty much all we care about.  I’ll leave you with two of my favorite shots and post the rest in an album on our site later.

IMG_9289 IMG_9243

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And the Winners are…

First Place…$5,000     Ashli Wheaton

Second Place…$1,000 Sharon Goff

Third Place….$500  Sharon Overall

Fourth Prize $500 Demos’ Gift Certificate Jason Reynolds

Fifth Prize $250 Paul Goco

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Still Swimming!

Rebecca Wells  Cynthia Lynn Jones  Kristen Switzer

Charles Harter  Carrie Bawcom  Trisha Harris  Marlene Jones

Danny Blackwell  Colin Waldrop  Amy Pugh    Dedra Scholz

Debbie Caldwell  Rose Wright Yoshi Darnel  Paul Goco

Benita Carpenter  Yoshi Darnel  Paul Goco  Jason Reynolds

Paul Goco  Richard Kovick  Ann O’Boyle  Thomas Brown

Ed Bardet  Brad Christman  Hooper France  Herschel Lynn Rich Sr.

Melissa Kiefer  Dana Thompson  Barbara Collins  Paul Goco

Amy Ogles Sharon Goff  James David Kious  Christina Aldridge

Kim Russell  Eric and Lisa Lamb  Casey Glissen  Dan Cassidy

Kristin Pruitt  Ashley Wheaton  Dale Brubaker  James Singleton

Candy Crim  Dennis Smaron  Kelly Ginn  Caroline Brown  Jenny Pruit

Jason Reynolds  James Adkins  Elizabeth Rogers  Star Eaker

Paul Goco  William Worman  Hooper France  Lauren Young

Kim Roberts  Dan Castonguay  Joi Sherrill

George Pop    Robert Filtcraft  Missy Peterson  Laura Harris

Missy Peterson  Cynthia Lynn Jones  Ernest Burgess  Kim Pruit

Craig Dudinetz     Bob Woods    Missy Peterson     Tom Apger

Joey and Julie Allison      Marissa Newton      Barbara Swartz

Judy Cothran     Guy Dotson      Sherri Rose      Sharon Overall

Martin Lykins     Shatina Marshall  Robin Parrow     Jeremy Myers

Ernest Burgess     Hooper France     Michelle Melbert     Anthony Alsop

Joey & Julie Allison     Lisa Mainwaring    Sherrel Miltenberg

Paul Goco     Lynne Foster     Bizzy Lil Bees

Traci Walker     Carol Bennett     James David Kious

Maryann Richardoson     Melanie Smith    Ken Kowasaki

Barbara Anderson     Rachelle Windrow

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